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The emerald plain 22. stycznia 2017 13:46:00 Komentarze (0)
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           ...Sleepless over the emerald plain






                     THE small forest was holding the hidden oasis of the Tsar family where found the way was followed through yellow-green plains. The beautifull emerald steppe. Birds were crying over us. As we stood in rays of the light was seeing the old modern keep house from the Russia and was endured cold weather on the winter-pause season.

                     Then I crossed the secret side doorway in this. A wilt rose I saw at first, in a window-sill for afterward an oaken table and a snug kitchen of the house with wooden sets around and above.  By while as I was passed ahead I heard a sweet girl laugh and footstep upwards, in a hallway. Two joyful girls were starting to go down on stairs. Probably one of them was to be worn a white ballet dress. Also I noticed a certain slight move in a room entrance. It was mrs. Romanov who watching us and was held a porcelain tea cup in right fingers. Still tall and proud.


                     'Is it from a Samovar?' I nodded.


                     'Tea?' She was smiled together with little lips' nook.


                     'Yes, madam!' My vivid answer.


 'Katty, Katty Is it She?!' I listened their deep laugh as they just descended to embrace me. Sonia, my careful chérie, it means that my sweet afternoon alcohol, was to take it earliest but Anastasia was only timid leant to herself mother. Being in a fourteen year my girl which has looked too envious, can't give to temper and to switch off light green eyes with trusty sparklings had frankly stood before us.

                     Nikolaj, her elder brother had been gazing this scene to have small amusement. 'Will You greet with me?' said when clasping to the sister on a knee. 

All the day, everyone of us was carrying on to a room with sofa beds and a wardrobe to talk each others, and just at a moment the sun behind a window was going to set in red burnt like we had seen throught it.
Viktor Otrutov
Nie-boski Witraż 20. grudnia 2016 15:23:00 Komentarze (0)
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 To Thee! empty cupboards

I cried. My deer at the distance... when You will create me again
and turn out anew
as adamas the most strongest
as a puzzle the most variety
of the colourfull stained glass
and grey eyes
will be amused, full coloured and diluted of a sapphire heavenly
A tarn - staw górski
Ashberry - jarzębina (Rowan, rowanberry)
Blueberry - jagoda, borówka; Kasztany - chestnut
Bazie - catkins, grey
Bez łez 09. października 2016 15:04:00 Komentarze (0)
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Bez Łez

Uczyłam się słów

bez wypowiadania ich

Złoty staw 30. listopada 2014 20:57:00 Komentarze (0)
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lecz narodzona


w chłodnych


Staw złotych rybek--

akwarium nadzieji.  


pn wt sr cz pt so nd

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